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Faith Is At Foundation's Core

By all accounts, Addison Faith Bender was the perfect playmate for two older brothers. But on what was supposed to be a fun-filled family vacation to Mexico, her parents, Amber and Tony Bender of Kingwood, began to notice that 15-month-old Addi’s head was dramatically “tilted. Back home, an MRI showed that the Benders’ baby had two brain tumors. After surgery, the pathology report revealed atypical taratoma with rhabdoid features, or AT/RT. This type of malignancy, almost always fatal in young children, called for very aggressive treatment. Chemotherapy, multiple surgeries and radiation treatment over the next six months were struggles for the Bender family. But Addi’s mother reports that her child never complained and always had a smile for everyone. The idea to establish a foundation began while Addi was still in the hospital. During Addi’s illness, The Benders learned two critical things that became the mission behind Addi’s Faith Foundation.
  1. Less than 4% of funding is allocated to pediatric cancer research.
  2. Caring for a child with cancer is both emotionally and financially devastating.
Addi did not survive her cancer, but she lives on through research on her tumor cells, called AB001. By funding this critical pediatric research, AFF ensures advancements are made and that less toxic, yet more effective treatments are found.

The tremendous love and support shown to the Benders during Addi’s illness prompted them to pay it forward. Addi’s Faith foundation is committed to supporting families facing a pediatric cancer diagnosis, encompassing financial, emotional, and spiritual assistance.

After 15 years, Addi’s Faith Foundation remains steadfast in the fight against childhood cancer, actively organizing fundraising events to sustain their programs, support families, fund research, and work towards a world where all children can be cured of cancer.

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